Accessible Toilets

We will very soon be providing a website, phone apps and signage for UK and Eire accessible toilets (often called disabled toilets). We will show them regardless of whether they need a RADAR key to gain access. Accessible toilets offer specialised equipment and space for anyone who needs them, but Changing Places and Space2Change's offer different/additional facilities.

Website Click Here

Our websites are specifically designed to use the advantages of your tablet, laptop or desktop computer to easily see all the details of the toilets, the different routes and options, before you leave home.

Apps Click Here

With your phone's inbuilt GPS and portability but lesser screen size, reception and power, the free Apple or Android phone apps. function better when you are using your smartphone on the move, as well as to find the toilets exact location.


We tell you how to gain access and what hours they are open.

Who can use them?

Not everyone who needs to use an accessible toilet has any visible need. They are not only for wheelchair users, but are provided for anyone who genuinely needs them. We tell you any restrictions to using these public toilets.


If you have a problem with maintenance or management/operation of the toilets you must contact the toilet providers.

Please contact us at if you can improve our database, or you can easily do this on the website and apps after clicking on a pin.